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10 Predictions About the World of Travel in 2022

Over the past months, people have adopted new habits to cope with the pandemic. What will the travels we choose look like this year? Will they adapt to this new lifestyle?

After almost two years (and counting) in a pandemic, one cannot expect things to stay the same; habits and customs have changed. Today, we live in a world where our preferences as traveler-consumers are in constant evolution or they have been forced to adapt to new circumstances

The big question now is: do people long for a return to the old ‘normal’ or will they continue adopting the habits they developed over the last two years?

My opinion is that we should look to the future and bet on adapting to a world in constant change and evolution. That’s why here, I share my ten predictions about the direction the world of travel will take in 2022:

1. Travelers this year will have new energy and a new mindset. From the types of destinations they choose to visit, the way they see the balance between work and personal life, to how they define luxury, these new globetrotters have a “new vision.” Conscious travelers will now seek simpler trips: just traveling and “being” abroad for a few days is enough to keep them satisfied.

2. Purposeful Travel: Consumers are becoming more conscious travelers with a greater desire to book their trips through companies aligned with their values. Therefore, they will travel to destinations where their stay can always have a positive impact on the communities they spend time in.

3. Support for Local Communities: Travelers now want to support small businesses and communities that make a destination original or unique. In Mexico, 88% of travelers agree that they are passionate about traveling to destinations where they can help boost tourism income and the local economy.

4. Authentic Tourism: People will seek “real” experiences and immersion in local cultures, always leaving a positive footprint.

5. Consumers will plan future trips to strengthen relationships with family or loved ones: 82% of Mexican travelers now want to travel for a romantic getaway with their spouse.

6. Slow Travel: People will seek to travel for a longer time, visiting more places, and enjoying the journey as much as the places they are discovering.

7. Ecotourism: As a result of the pandemic, many people are thinking more carefully about how they travel, now actively looking for hotels and companies that try to minimize their impact on the environment.

8. Wellness Tourism: Travel has long been seen as a gateway to personal improvement. In 2022 (and beyond), this is expected to be a key focus, with people seeking spaces to improve their health and immune system.

9. Active Holidays Will Increase in Popularity: As people stay away from highly populated areas, more vacations will focus on outdoor activities such as hiking, running, cycling, or rock climbing. This will make trips more efficient for people looking to spend less time planning and more time actively enjoying their vacations. Additionally, many people have spent (and invested) time improving their running or cycling skills since gyms have been closed for much of the past year. As a result, many people will travel to destinations solely to participate in a race or compete in a triathlon.

10. Wellness: For the last 19 months, self-care and well-being have been a priority and a necessity for many. This is a trend that will continue in 2022 as people continue to seek vacations where they can relax, rejuvenate, and recharge. During the pandemic, sales and downloads of wellness, yoga, and mindfulness apps, as well as online classes, skyrocketed, and now that these can be taken offline and enjoyed in person, these are the types of vacations that many will book. Spa hotels, relaxation and yoga retreats, gyms, and camps, these well-being-enhancing trips will be big business in 2022.

And you, what kind of trips do you plan to take this year?


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